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Supreme Court Stays Madras High Court Order Over Publishing NEET 2017 Results

Supreme Court Stays Madras High Court Order Over Publishing NEET 2017 Results

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court today asked the CBSE to declare the results of the admission exam to NEET MBBS and BDS courses, ending the decision of the Madras Supreme Court to restrict the publication of the results. The order of the apex court is awarded by 12 lakh applicants who gave the medical examination. The highest court ordered the competent authorities to carry out the results of the process, advice and subsequent admission in accordance with the schedule established by her in early reports. However, a holiday bank of judges P C Pant and Deepak Gupta said that the statement of results and advice and after the Admission will be subject to the decision of the apex court in the event he knows.

The court also requested all higher courts not to receive petitions on issues related to the national eligibility-cum-entry (NEET) examination in 2017.

The request was made by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and others challenging the order of May 24, the Supreme Court of Madras has barred the Council from publishing the results of the NEET review 2017 in which it had appeared around Of 12 lakh candidates.

Additional attorney general (ASG) Maninder Singh, appearing CBSE, told the court that because of the higher court order, the outcome of the proceeding and subsequent admission of reports were blocked and the order conflicted with the schedule established by the Cut of the anterior apex.

The court also noted that the order of the High Court was “indirectly dilute the calendar” established by the apex cut.

“On land, we are inclined to suspend the high court order. What this ordinance indirectly does is dilute the timetable set by the Supreme Court,” said the high court’s decision-making tribunal.

“Taking into account the above, the interim order is suspended and we asked the competent authorities to go further with the outcome statement for 201ET NEET examination subject to the decision of this court,” said the banquet in listing the items for the Procedure after the summer holidays.

The CBSE had filed June 9, the Supreme Court requesting an immediate stay of the order of the Supreme Court of Madras.

The Supreme Court on May 24 had granted a provisional suspension on the publication of the NEET results in a ground motives based on a uniform issue was not given in the examination and that there is a large difference between the English and Tamil.

The CBSE had stated that due to the order of the Supreme Court, the complete counseling program and subsequent admission to medical courses through the NEET have gone “down”. ASG Singh had told the court that Apex 12 lakh applicants who submitted in the NEET 2017, about 10.5 lakh students took the test in Hindi or English, while 1.25 to 1.50 lakh lakh students appeared in eight languages local. He said that a number of arguments were filed with several higher courts in cases related to the NEET and the high courts have accepted these petitions despite the apex court order would not have any other court hear such questions.

He also asked for the transfer of petitions in several courts above the apex cut with respect to NEET for the 2017-18 academic year. Singh had said that the challenge in different groups of questions in the local language was in bad assumptions were difficult because the experts had examined were different from those of English or Hindi, but the level of difficulty may not be considered different.

He said the problems were different to keep the most important interest protected on the basis that if there was a leak of a set of paper in a vernacular language, most students would be protected because the candidates appearing in a particular language were Lower than opt for English or Hindi.

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