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Penn Station’s Summer of Hell Arrives Monday. Don’t Get Scorched

Penn Station’s Summer of Hell Arrives Monday. Don’t Get Scorched

Rush hour tonight marks the last of what happens for the normal ride in and out of the Pennsylvania station in New York.

The three railroads that use the country’s active terminal have warned their riders, veterans suffering from delays and congestion, fewer trains at peak times, while Amtrak is testing and performing repairs.

On Thursday night, a train derailed transit from New Jersey to Penn, the third incident at the station since April, and the railroad has suspended its service, while Amtrak warned against numerous delays.
* Schedule: Amtrak that will take place from July 10 to September 1. The projects will continue until June 2018, although Amtrak, the station owner and owner of New Jersey Transit and Long Island Rail Road, indicates that the next steps will not be as detrimental.

* Scope of action: Amtrak replaced aging equipment that trains the trains to enter Penn. The complex manages more than 1,300 trains per day on 21 tracks. Two derailments in April and May at the Amtrak station led to speeding up repairs.

* Narrow Serre All service gives runways are longer sections. Five of the remaining tracks in Penn can not accommodate the already trains New Jersey Transit. Several NJT trains that normally operate with 10 cars at their workplace with nine.

* Scarce Midtown Direct: Travelers who rely on the Morris and Essex line to reach Manhattan in less than an hour will be hit hardest, with their roads relocated to Hoboken, with the exception of four trains that reach Penn by 7 A.M.

Later, pilots will have to board the ferries, buses or the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey train for the final leg, adding up to 90 minutes per day of travel. As compensation, these customers will have to pay lower rates and the state will cover their ferry tickets and route. Caution: For the return trip, all Morris-Essex trains depart Hoboken.

* Hoboken complements: RUTA adds trains during peak hours. Transportation train tickets together in New Jersey will be honored at the World Trade Center and 33rd Street, but not at the PATH Newark Penn Station platform.

New York Waterway ferries operate between Hoboken and 39 West Street every 15 minutes from 7 am to 10 am and from 4 pm to 8 am. The bus will be added to Route 126 to and from the downtown terminal.

* Other routes in New Jersey New York: The railroad indicates that 75% of customers will not experience any change in service. The Northeast Corridor, Jersey’s North Shore, Raritan Valley and Montclair-Boonton trains always go to Midtown. Main routes-Bergen, Pascack Valley and Port Jervis will be on their regular schedules, although pilots may need to adjust connections to Secaucus Junction.

* Port Authority Bus Terminal: Morris-Essex train riders wishing to skip the morning shuffle Hoboken has a free option for those with NJ Transit tickets: bus and express train stations Maplewood Summit 07 a.m. At 9 am and South Orange and Newark Broad Street station 06 a.m.-10 a.m.

However, the return of the service varies and everyone who takes the train to go through Hoboken, so check Between Morristown and New York, the freight service costs $ 17.50 per coach reserved estimated seat Skedaddle, with three exits in the morning and evening express.

* New Jersey Transit Tips: Allow extra time for parking and travel, expect congestion and delays, consider traveling out of peak hours and try not to lose your cool. At stations, look for additional staff in customer service wearing bright yellow vests.

Discard obsolete print schedules and resume the new eight-week schedule or go to “It’s not going to be a normal road for all of us,” said Steve Santoro, chief executive of New Jersey Transit.

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