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Pakistan sentences man to death for blasphemy on Facebook

Pakistan sentences man to death for blasphemy on Facebook

LAHORE: Pakistan’s legal battle against terrorism has condemned to death a man who committed blasphemy on Facebook, the government’s public prosecutor said on Sunday, the first time anyone has been sentenced to death for blasphemy on social networks.

The 30-year-old Taimoor Raza conviction follows a high level of repression against blasphemy in social media by the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
Blasphemy is a very sensitive issue in the Muslim majority of Pakistan +, where the insult of the Prophet Muhammad is a capital crime for which dozens are sitting on the death row. Even simple accusations are enough to unleash a mass graves and justice the crowd.
Shafiq Qureshi prosecutor in Bahawalpur, about 500 kilometers south of the provincial capital of Lahore, said the Raza was convicted of making derogatory comments against the Prophet Muhammad, his wives and companions.
“An anti-terrorist court in Bahawalpur granted him the death penalty,” Qureshi told Reuters. “This is the first death penalty in a case related to social media.”

It is rare for a legal battle against terrorism to know blasphemy cases, but the Raza trial fell into this category, as its charge sheet includes the fight against terrorist offenses related to expressions of hatred.
Qureshi said Raza was arrested after playing a blasphemous speech and hate material on his phone at a bus stop in Bahawalpur, where a counterterrorism officer arrested him and confiscated his phone. The material obtained by telephone led to the conviction of the Breed, he added.

“The trial was conducted in Bahawalpur Prison safely,” said Qureshi
Qureshi added that Raza belongs to the minority of the Shiite community and the court, accused of spreading a “hate speech” against the Deobani sect, which adheres to a strict Sunni Islam school.

Relations between Sunni and Shiite communities have sometimes erupted in Pakistan, some Sunni extremist groups like Lashkhar-e-Janghvi seek to exploit sectarian tensions.
Several other violent incidents of charges of blasphemy + alarmed groups and human rights activists in recent months.

Police are investigating 20 students and some faculty members regarding the murder of Mashal Khan +, a student who was beaten to death in April after a residence debate in the religion – an attack that shocked the country.
Since then, Parliament has discussed safeguards by adding to blasphemy laws, a movement seen as revolutionary in Pakistan, where political leaders were killed, including to discuss the changes.

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