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North Korea can strike Alaska. What can the U.S. do?

North Korea can strike Alaska. What can the U.S. do?

In this series from time to time, we will keep you informed of the biggest stories of national security of the week.

North Korea Tuesday showed the world what the experts have known for some time: the regime intends to build rockets capable of reaching the mainland of the United States.

The solitary communist regime fired an intercontinental ballistic missile or ICBM. The missile has traveled more than 1,700 miles before landing in an upright position in the Sea of ​​Japan. On a flat trajectory, according to experts, a rocket would be able to reach Alaska.

This is what you need to know about North Korea’s nuclear program and how the United States could respond:

What has North Korea done this week?

The regime has previously changed obsolete Soviet technology to build virtually all of its ballistic missiles. For years, an attempt has been made to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of putting United States cities at bay. Currently, the rocket that Pyongyang has tested 4 july can not reach the lower 48 states.
The missile test was a success, while flying higher and stayed longer in the air.

“This is not a copy of an unpleasant Soviet engine, and there is a couple of Soviet engines together – this is the real thing,” said Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asian program at the James Center for Nonproliferation Studies .

The real test of the missile will be when it is in operational control, that is, when it is ready for use as a weapon. To this end, North Korea has yet to learn how to build a nuclear warhead small enough to account for one of its longer-range missiles.

How has the Trump administration responded?

US and South Korean forces mobilized Wednesday morning to carry out joint military exercises that included firing missiles. The United States Pacific Command said the launch was a response to “destabilizing and illegal actions by North Korea.”

Dana White, a Pentagon spokesman, said the commitment to US allies is “fertile” and that the United States is ” Is willing to use “the full range of capabilities at our disposal against the growing threat of North Korea.”
Trump quickly responded to North Korea’s launch on Twitter: “North Korea has launched another missile,” Trump said. “Does this individual have anything better to do with his life?”

Kim Jong Un has also taken a turn to make fun of Trump. North Korea’s state media reported that Kim urged his scientists to send more independence gifts to Americans.

What did the leaders of Russia and China do?

The administration’s retaliation plans are at odds with Russia and China – and it is necessary that both countries have an impact on Pyongyang. Beijing and Moscow oppose both other economic sanctions or military action.

The North Korean nuclear threat is undoubtedly the spirit of Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping when they meet in the framework of the G-20 economic summit in Hamburg this week.

What options are on the table for the United States and South Korea?

Before traveling to Germany, Trump warned that there would be no “serious” consequences for the actions of North Korea.

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