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Khaplang gone, fresh moves to get his outfit NSCN(K), successor to talks table

Khaplang gone, fresh moves to get his outfit NSCN(K), successor to talksĀ table

The appointment of Khango Konyak as the new president of NSCN (K), following the death of founder of the hard line Shangwang Shangyung Khaplang on Friday, is expected to open several possibilities to the Naga peace talks of the Center.

The interviews in New Delhi with Khaplang, a Myanmar national, have always been a non-beginner because he refused to accept an Indian passport, contrary to what Thuingaleng Muivah and Isak Chisi Swu (of the rival NSCN-IM faction) Had made to return to India.

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While Khaplang was a Hemi Naga from Myanmar, Konyak is a native of Nagaland. This will provide an opportunity in New Delhi to reach Konyak in order to bring the NSCN (K) back to the ceasefire mode. While NSCN (K) signed a ceasefire agreement with the Center in September 2001, Khaplang abrogated it in April 2015 after discovering that New Delhi had not sent an invitation for talks with the ‘He was already talking to his rival NSCN (I AM).

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Konyak, aged one year in Muivah in Naga’s separatist movement, held the rank of lieutenant-general in the army of Naga, the army of NSCN (K) and was appointed vice president of equipment In May 2011. Known to be the Khaplang The most confident man, Konyak had undergone guerrilla training in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and China in the early 1960s. In addition to serving mainly in the army of Naga, he also headed the “Konyak Region” and the “Tuensang-Mon Region” – the administrative territories of the NSCN (K) in Nagaland – and is therefore considered to have a strong influence in the eastern part of the ” state
On Saturday, Nagaland’s chief minister, Shourhozelie Liezietsu, who heads the government of the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland in partnership with the BJP, and his predecessor, TR Zeliang, mentioned their efforts to have Khaplang accept a cease-fire.
Shourhozelie also said that Khaplang was willing to talk about peace with New Delhi “provided the substantive issues were discussed.”

Although Konyak’s nationality is to the advantage of New Delhi, it is unlikely that NSCN (K) leaders who represent various Naga communities in Myanmar are not afraid of being excluded from negotiations.

In Nagaland, civil society groups and NGOs that had sent delegations to Myanmar to persuade Khaplang to accept a ceasefire and speak in New Delhi have now decided to wait and watch. “While Chief Minister Shourhozelie has given sufficient indications to renew his efforts to achieve the new leadership of NSCN (K), it will be wiser to wait and find out what Konyak has in mind “Said a senior civil society official in Nagaland who did not want to be named.

Intelligence agencies, however, fear a new strike of violence in the coming weeks. “Konyak is not a leader in the Khaplang or Muivah league and must extract the confidence of NSCN (K) leaders and cadres from other rebel groups,” said a senior intelligence official in the region .

On Saturday, Union Minister of State Kiren Rijiju said Khaplang’s death had caused a “big blow” to the NSCN (K) and other insurgent groups in the region. “Khaplang was the heart and soul of the NSCN (K) as well as other insurgent groups in the region, and the NSCN (K) will be disordered after his death. Taking refuge in Myanmar, so his death is a setback for them too, “said Rijiju.

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