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Happening Today: Delta, Travel Ban, Tillerson, Weight Gain, Cancer, Blac Chyna, Blue Man Group

Happening Today: Delta, Travel Ban, Tillerson, Weight Gain, Cancer, Blac Chyna, Blue Man Group

A flight from Delta Airlines to Beijing returned to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport after an assailant attacked an injured man, an official said.

The 23-year-old man, sitting in first-class, assaulted assailant about a 45-minute flight from Delta Flight 129, Sea-Tac airport spokesman Perry Cooper said Sunday night. The passengers helped slow down, Cooper said, until the plane was returned to Sea-Tac and the Seattle Police Port stopped the man.

“The passenger was stopped on board and was taken off the flight by the police without further incident,” Delta said in a statement. The flight attendant and another person were injured and taken to a hospital.

Airport officials said they conferred with the FBI and the incident is not considered a threat to national security.

Judge Hawaii abandons Trump administrative rules in place for travel ban
A federal judge in Hawaii has left Trump administrative rules in place by a ban on traveling to citizens of six predominantly Muslim countries. The US District Court Judge Derrick Watson denied an emergency motion filed by Hawaii asking him to clarify what the United States

The Supreme Court was heard for “good faith” in its decision last month. The Supreme Court ruled that the administration could mainly maintain its travel ban, but said that “with a credible affirmation of a good faith relationship with a person or entity in the United States” could enter.

Watson said that the issue of the relationship would be better put to the Supreme Court, and not to him. Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin opposed the omission of the administration of grandparents, uncles from the list of people in the administration that meets the definition of a close relationship.

Tillerson visits Kuwait to tackle Qatar crisis
Directors of triumph are drawn more deeply into the crisis involving Qatar and several of its Persian Gulf neighbors, a diplomatic struggle they wanted to avoid.

Despite many calls from the United States for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt to resolve their problems with Qatar, the State Department said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would visit the region next week in order to carry out a solution. Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Tillerson will visit Kuwait, which was trying to negotiate a deal on Monday after stopping in Ukraine and Turkey.

She told Tillerson to meet with Kuwaiti officials, but her presence in the region leaves open the possibility that she may try to pass between neighboring countries to forge a resolution.

The four nations have cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar a month ago, accusing the small nation of financing terrorism and flourishing upheavals. Qatar refused to comply fully with a list of demands from its neighbors.
Smelling food leads to weight gain, study says

Joey Tribbiani, once famous, responded to “friends”: “Half the taste [of food] is in the smell.” And according to a new study, meat dishes plus whey are delicious, most likely your body can pack books.

Researchers found that the mice lacked odor they ate the same amount of fat-rich foods as mice they could feel, gaining double their normal weight. In addition, mice with olfactory receptors stimulated, “super-fragant” gained more weight than those with a normal sense of smell.

The results of the study were published in the journal Cell Metabolism, and the results indicate an unexplored link between olfactory neurons and weight gain. The study also found that genetically modified rodents did not feel lost about 16 percent of their body weight.

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