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French President Emmanuel Macron Heads For Crushing Parliamentary Majority

French President Emmanuel Macron Heads For Crushing Parliamentary Majority

Paris, France: French President Emmanuel Macron’s party is set for an overwhelming parliamentary majority after the first round of Sunday’s vote by the National Assembly that left the traditional parties in the upheaval.

Projections showed that Macron expanded its centrist Republic revolution with its party in March and its allied modem proposed to win between 400 and 445 seats in the 577-member National Assembly in the second round next Sunday.

A share of such would give Macron one of the largest parliamentary majorities in 60 years.
“France is back,” declared Prime Minister Edouard Philippe triumphantly.

“For a month, the president showed confidence, determination and audacity in France as internationally,” said Philippe, calling the result to justify the “winning strategy” Macron.

However, the vote was characterized by a low 49 percent participation, perhaps reflecting the fatalism among Macron’s opponents facing their seemingly unstoppable breakthrough, according to experts.

The Republican right – which had hoped to recover from its humiliation during the presidential vote – is shown in the second with a forecast of 70-130 seats, while the National Front (FN) of Marine Le Pen had to pass between A and 10 seats.

The result of the FN showed that the party was trying to recover against the defeat of Le Pen de Macron during the presidential deployment.

FN deputy chief Florian Philippot admitted his “disappointment” and urged voters to “massively mobilize” the second round.

The worst losses, however, were for socialist predecessor Macron, Fran├žois Hollande, who is expected to lose 200 unbelievable seats.

Party leader Jean-Christophe Cambadelis and his presidential candidate for failure, Benoit Hamon, both lost their seats.

As if the party faces Cambadelis losses “unprecedented” urged voters to rally behind rivals Macron to prevent the president monopolizes power.

Parliament ran the risk of having “no real power of control and no democratic debate is not worth it,” he warned.

Former Republican Party chief Jean-Francois Cope said the results were “a disaster.”

“This is the continuation of the catastrophe that the presidential election was … we have to rebuild everything,” he told BFM television.

Official results published Monday showed that the first 7 years Macron modem and won 32.32% in the first round, before the Republicans with 21.56% and 13.20% of the FN.

Some deputies were elected on Sunday.

If no candidate gets more than 50 percent, the two candidates enter the second round – and any other candidate who receives at least 12.5 percent of the voters registered in the district.

The youngest president in France at the age of 39, Macron praised for having appointed a balanced cabinet that overlaps the left-right division and plays a major role in the European fight against US President Donald Trump on the climate change.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated Macron for a “big hit” on Sunday.

If the seating projections are confirmed next week, she will have a strong mandate to advance her ambitious, economic and social social reforms during the election campaign.

New faces

Macron, who had never held an elected position before becoming president, had managed to usher in a younger, more diverse parliament with more women and ethnic minorities.

His party has encouraged political novices in 200 constituencies.

They include Maria Sara, a retired bullfighter who has gone through a runoff against the faithful Gilbert Collard FN in the south of France and the mathematical star Cedric Villani.

Macron is also trying to create a cleaner political era. The first bill of his government proposes to ban lawmakers from employing family members or performing consulting office work.

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