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Australian Police Arrest Man For Allegedly Supplying Gun In Deadly Siege

Australian Police Arrest Man For Allegedly Supplying Gun In Deadly Siege

SYDNEY: According to Australian police on Monday that a 25-year-old man was arrested and charged with providing a weapon used in a deadly siege in Melbourne last week, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull calls an “act of terrorism” .

Said Victoria state police said in a statement on its website that the man faces four counts, including possession of a firearm illegally and committing a probation violation. He had to appear in court on June 14

The deadly siege took place on June 6 in Australia’s second largest city, police shot and killed the gunman, Yacqub Khayre after killing a man in the lobby of an apartment building and carried out a woman of Hostages in the interior.

Turnbull said police treated the office as an “act of terrorism” after a request by the Islamic State group that one of its fighters was a responsible armed man.

Australia, an unconditional ally of the United States and its action against the militant Islamic state in Syria and Iraq, is on alert for attacks by radical group supporters and local activists returning from fighting in the East.
The Lindt café seat in Sydney in 2014, where the prisoner and two people were killed, the violence was the deadliest in Australia inspired by militants of the Islamic State.

Several people were taken hostage for more than 17 hours in the cafe by a man who was released on bail after being accused of sexual assault and being an accessory to murder.

During the investigation into Lindt’s seat last month revealed that police did not respond quickly enough and last week the NSW announced that police allowed to shoot suspects in incidents of “terrorist” “Even if the attacker is not an imminent threat.

Australia also reported an effort to reform the parole laws following the Melbourne seat, including a ban on probation for violent offenders who have ties to extremism while on parole Khayre for a violent offense of breaking And the entrance.

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