Published by compdiskinc on October 9, 2017

From catching Goan dances in Lisbon to sampling langar in Munich

For decades, a trip to Europe meant simply a visit to London, Paris and the Swiss Alps. Today’s Indians, however, look beyond proven destinations and try to explore the rest of Europe as well. A more integrated global economy also led to a more widespread Indian diaspora. In fact, if you know where to look,…

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Published by compdiskinc on October 2, 2017

How the Not in My Name protests inspired us to create nightlong performances of resistance

On June 28, during a protest against the lynching of Junaid Khan, his parents remembered the boy who had made a pre-Eid shopping trip to Old Delhi, not knowing it was the last. Just as his brother Junaid was reading the letter from heaven, there was no dry eye to be seen. The manifestation of…

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